• Europees kwaliteitshout voor een duurzaam leefmilieu !— European quality wood for a sustainable environment! — Europäische hochwertigem Holz für eine nachhaltige Umwelt! — Bois de qualité européen pour un environnement durable!
  • Hout duurzaam telen, verwerken en gebruiken ! — Wood: sustainable cultivation, processing and use! — Holz nachhaltigen Anbau, Verarbeitung und Nutzung! — Bois culture durable, de traitement et d'utilisation! — Madeira sustentável cultivo, processamento e uso!
  • monitoring in Hongarije
    Europees hout: minder transport ! — European wood: less transport! — Europäische Hölzer: weniger Verkehr — Bois européenne: moins de transport — Legno europeo: meno trasporti! — Madeira Europeia: menos transporte!

Stichting Robinia

Stichting Robinia is an idealistic and independent organization that focuses on stimulating European quality wood. We want to make a positive contribution to our environment by researching European wood species, promoting forest planting and advising on the use of quality wood.

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Stichting Robinia carries out a number of interesting projects in Europe. The largest projects can be found in the Flevopolder (Flevohout) and in Hungary (Ácsteszér Puszta). Read on for an overview of all major projects that together give a good picture of the activities of Stichting Robinia..

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Contact Information

Stichting Robinia
Veerstraat 122
6702DZ Wageningen

E-mail: info@ robinia.nl

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