Organisation for European Quality Wood
towards a sustainable environment

Stichting Robinia is a knowledge and information centre that works towards a better understanding and optimal utilisation of European quality wood species. It encourages the use of European quality wood in a positive manner to leave the environment intact.


  • Improve the exchange and knowledge between and beyond the different sectors in the 'forest-to-wood' chain

  • Encourage the establishment and management of tree species which are known to produce quality wood

  • Optimise the link between demand and supply of wood as well as to optimise the utilisation of wood

  • Encourage the use of European quality wood as durable products

  • Supply information about the possibilities of applications of wood


Robinia poles used for playground constructions.


Activities of the Stichting Robinia

  • Gathering and exchanging information

  • Developing new and improved afforestation and management techniques such as monitoring and field trials

  • Encouraging 'forest-to-wood chain' intersector dialogue in the form of discussion groups, workshops, symposia and fairs

  • Providing assistance and co-operation in international projects


Some examples of projects in which Stichting Robinia plays an active role.

  • Dannenberg Afforestation project (Germany)

  • Cépé Afforestation project (Hungary)

  • Flevohout, demonstration forest for the 'forest-to-wood' chain (The Netherlands)

  • Forest Partnership Concept

  • Regional Wood Cycle Plan

  • Certification

  • Reports

More information about these projects.   towards projects


Stichting Robinia
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Black locust timber.

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